food chronicles [pt. 1]

annnnnd I’m back!

a small life update: I’ve begun counting calories, diligently and obsessively. i love it. i can’t stop.  it’s such a new concept for me, as i HATE scales and obsessing over pounds.  but i’m getting better.  aaaaand, i’ve lost 5.6 pounds so far, so that’s great.  I’m also working out like a fiend, but again, i love it.

so with that, and in addition to tom and my vow to cook dinner more, i bring you tonight’s menu: spinach and artichoke dip with super-pretzel nuggets (yep! sooo good) and grilled pitas.

also, i made beer bread for a work function tomorrow:

oh! today marks 4 months to go until our wedding.  so close, i’m so excited!

idol time.

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