I’m currently in the process of converting to Catholicism.  Tom and I have been taking RCIA classes since September and I will receive my remaining sacraments at this year’s Easter vigil.  I was baptized and raised Episcopalian, but did not get very involved.  As Tom and I try to put more effort into our religious beliefs and practices, we spent a good amount of time deciding what we would give up for Lent.  After much debate we chose to give up eating out at restaurants (prior to this decision, we were eating out at least 4 times per week- bad for our waistlines AND wallets!)

By not eating out we have been “forced” to prepare meals more often (and I say “forced” because I truly love to cook but have been feeling extra lazy and …well, mostly just lazy).

This weekend I was able to drag Tom to my personal mecca (Trader Joe’s) and pick out dinners for the upcoming week. I completely forgot to photograph the first two meals we prepared (garlic/lime tilapia- good; apple-stuffing stuffed porkchops- amazeballs) but I would like to share with you all the past two meals we’ve had:

soy-beef stir fry: a mish-mosh of mesquite teriyaki and soy sauce with chili flakes, white pepper, and garlic salt- red, yellow, and green peppers, asparagus, green beans, over brown rice

whole-wheat turkeyish pizza: whole wheat dough, mozz, vegetarian sausage, turkey bacon, turkey pepperoni, yellow onions *cooked on a stone* (essential to pizza success)

My plan is to photograph more delicious meals for no better reason than the fact that my life tends to revolve around food.  No, really.

And here’s a beautiful photo from the Basilica in Philadelphia:

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  1. jason says:

    Ok lady…

    First off… I hate to start religious conversation because they never seem to go well but… being raised Catholic myself, I’m quite surprised you are “converting”. I’m tempted to ask why but I won’t. Maybe it will be a future Blog entry.
    In this day and age I’m surprised we’re all not atheists already… or at least agnostic. It seems that with all the natural and man made disasters, war and general strife around the world there doesn’t seem like there is/ was any sort of “plan” for mankind… unless that plan is/was “Let’s put them there and see what happens.”
    And if that is/was the plan then I can’t put much faith in a random roll of the dice.

    Just my view… and we’ll leave that there.

    Also… I’m that douche who always says “I’m giving up Lent for Lent”.

    On to more important issues… food and cooking.
    Bravo for cutting out Take-Out. You are so right about the cost and health concerns. Even being a Chef, we struggle not to fall in to that trap… and we do, more days then not… especially with a young child. It always just seems easier… but it’s not if you are well prepared with a fridge and pantry full of good stuff.

    The photography of your delicious dishes is amazing girl!!
    Seriously. My mom and her friend are professional Food Stylists (for advertisement and food packaging) and your photos look as good as some of the professional stuff I’ve seen… and they take hours to prepare one photograph!!
    I especially like the natural lighting on the Beef Stir-Fry… and the close-up, low angle of the pizza is sweet. Nice show of texture.

    By the way, if you like Banana Bread, there’s a great recipe I posted on the Camp Blog ( Well tested, easy and delicious.

    As a creative writer… I’m in love with your invention, “amazeballs”… and I might steal it for future use.

    ok… enough out of me… I hope all is well in Lauren Land. Keep the posts coming kiddo!

    Be good…

    Jason (AKA Chef Jason)

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