Hello out there,

I suppose I should create an actual introduction of myself to this wordpress world.  If I plan to keep up this blog throughout 2011 (and I do, I promise), you may enjoy my writing more if you understand where I am coming from.

(To get this out of the way, I’m going to say “you” quite a lot.  This is not to assume that I actually have any readers- I just find it simpler to address my potential reader(s) in this manner.)

Let me start out by letting you know that I do not find myself to be particularly interesting.  I live a relatively normal, boring life.  I say this because I don’t want anyone to assume I am blogging because I think what I do/am doing is significant or unique.  I am a mid-twenties, east coast woman who finished graduate school about 5 weeks ago.  That means I am now diligently searching for a job.  My undergrad degree is in Marketing and Operations Management and my grad degree is in Special Education.  There is a long story behind that, but I don’t want to bore you with it.

I’m very excited to be getting married this summer.  My fiance and I have been together for coming on six years.  We met in our freshman dorm’s courtyard and have been together (mostly) ever since.  Planning a wedding is more work than I ever imagined, but it’s been a very fun experience (and I’m relieved to know I will only have to do it once!).

In my free time (which is most of my time as I’m currently- but hopefully temporarily-unemployed), I like to cook, run, take pictures, bargain shop, and plan things (e.g. our honeymoon, weekends, the wedding, etc).  I imagine that many of my future posts will be related to one of these topics.  In fact, I know the next one will definitely be.

So, this is me in a nutshell.  I live in the suburbs and I miss living in the city.  I dedicate a large portion of my day to getting a teaching position.  The remaining part of my days are spent watching TiVo (or other TV shows- we are currently enjoying Mad Men, feel free to recommend others!), planning my next meal, and sleeping.  I also will be dedicating a good deal of my time and energy from today on to running.  More about that coming up.  Any questions, feel free to ask.

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