mic check

Alright, people. It’s snowing. It drives me nuts when people make such a big fuss over the weather. (These are often the same people who complain about the heat in the summer.) You live in the Northeast. This is normal. Snow happens.

Do I like the snow?
No, not especially. I hate- no, fear driving in the snow. My car magically transforms from luxury sedan to go-kart at the first sign of flakes or ice. Snow tends to cancel or postpone tentative plans.  Believe me- I get it.

HOWEVER. I have had enough of my social networking sites being flooded with complaining and negative energy. It snows. It gets cold. We are still six months from
summer. Blah, blah, blah. It is time for everyone to embrace what is going on around them-now. Yes, I’m cold and am getting tired of cleaning off my car too. But winter is a beautiful thing. Life is a beautiful thing. Today-right now, at 4:34pm EST, is a beautiful
thing. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

(P.S. This is my first post from my iPad. How’s it look?)

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One Response to mic check

  1. Jace (aka Chef Jason) says:

    You said it girl. Some people just always need something to bitch about… plus, there’s the old saying “Misery loves company”. They want to let people know they are miserable and hear that others are miserable too.
    Suckers. Wasting precious energy on that shit?!?! No thanks.
    Oh… and… post from your iPad… looks good to me, although I’m viewing the post from my iPhone via Twitter… if that makes a difference.


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