an introduction of sorts

Hello, all.  I have been putting off writing this blog post for, oh, at least a week.  I have been thinking about what I have to say during this time, and now realize my procrastination is demonstrating the exact trait I am trying to change about myself.  Let me elaborate.

I received an iPad as a complete surprise from my fiance this Christmas.  I was not entirely sure what to do with the thing at first, so I asked around to determine with apps I should download.  I was recommended to download the wordpress app, but only “if I were into that kind of thing.”  I decided that I should make myself be into that kind of thing for this new year.  So, here I am, beginning this blog in a roundabout manner.

I’ve had blogs in the past, but have never been completely comfortable saying exactly what it is I’m thinking.  But here is one of my goals for this new year (notice I did NOT use the word ‘resolution,’ because they, quite frankly, are BALONEY): to follow through with the things I say I will do.

So I intend to maintain and contribute to this blog throughout the entire year on a regular basis.  I can’t guarantee it will be interesting, funny, or enjoyable at all times, but it will be honest and full of variety.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

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